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Grabmejob is an online job search acceleration platform for senior leadership, that will never keep you lonely in your CXO battle. It is spearheaded by Shyama Prasad Goswami, an ex Global CXO (Reliance and Birlas) with collective community support by Gaurav Agarwal, a successful recruiting expert and Akhil MK, a job outreach expert who has successfully applied his marketing background to job hunting. 

• Are you an under-recognized, poorly paid CXO?

 As a CXO, is negative stress affecting your well being truly?

 Are you working for 20 years and still didn't become a CXO.

If you tick any of these boxes, register for the workshop below

Are you tired of applying for jobs and not hearing from employers?

You are still following the job hunting rules "normal" job hunters is handcuffed by.

Whether you're a fresher or experienced professional there are so many courses to upskill you these days. You yourself might've enrolled in a few. For most of us, it's all about a pathway for finding a better job. But how good are your job hunting skills?

The primary emphasis in our educational system is on providing jobs rather than job-hunting skills. So, the average job hunter is relatively inexperienced and poorly prepared for the coming ordeal. Plus, the institutions that do teach job-hunting skills teach the traditional, resume oriented approach. We aim to solve this problem using our extensive background in job outreach and recruiting. 

  • Are you tired of applying for jobs online?
  • Are you Worried about preparing the Right Resume?
  • You cannot Afford the Hefty cost of the Career advisor or HR Consultant?
  • Are you sending out numerous resumes Without responses?
  • Are you concerned that even when If your resume does get through, you’re being Judged by a piece of paper, not your whole story?
  • Are you Struggling to get a Job in your Dream Company?

If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then you might need to join the Grabmejob Workshop.

One of the mentors for Grabmejob workshop landed 30 interview offers for his first job

Nitesh Patwari

CFO, Valency International

Gaurav is a thorough professional . A disciplined and innovative person who knows how to turnaround the game with a detailed planning. I have worked with you in both personal and professional field and you know to balance both the field in your unique way. I wish you all the best for your future and I am sure you will take yourself to the next level.

Rounak Agarwal

Zonal credit manger,ICICI Bank,Kolkata

"Applied Gaurav's interview tips to sail through many interviews.  Don't miss FAQ's(a part of his interview hacks"

Hemanshu Agarwal

Founder, Ganeshaa Finconsultants,Kolkata

"Try your resume with SMVA. You won’t return empty hand. "

Who is this workshop for

Whether you're a CXO or an experienced professional, the Grabmejob workshop has something for everyone.


We recognize the vast impact the CXOs bring to a company and the economies. The successful journey of a CXO is utterly satisfying. However, you will agree this journey comes with lot of personal sacrifices.

We as a team champion CXOs to achieve their next milestone through our own experience, scientific tools and mechanisms. 


Professionals across various domains can get to learn how to leverage their experiences and achievements with their current employers, for maximum exposure. You would also get to learn about job outreach strategies and making an effective resume indicating your goals, achievements, skill-sets, and your ability to work in a group or leading a group as per your experience.


Even if you have been unemployed for a while or are planning your journey back into the workforce, we could help to instill the right mindset and set you up for success.

Meet Shyama Prasad Goswami

Mr Shyama Prasad is the of Founder U.P.S.W.I.N.G Solutions and an Ex Business Head,CEO of Reliance, BKBirlas.

Prior to this he worked 28 years globally across 6 large companies in manufacturing sector. Two of them were Fortune 500 companies. With increasing responsibilities and ranks he got the opportunity to absorb business dynamism and leadership impact of 1000s of other small, medium, large size companies of varied interests in education, health care , international trading, finance, skill development. In 2019, his first client has emerged from bankruptcy to register 30% ebitda.

Meet Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav is the Founder of SMVA consultants,
(smvaconsultants.com), the fastest-growing HR and Training Network of India (having 40+ units across 18 locations PAN India). His organization has closely associated with 850+ companies across 15+ countries by being their Recruitment Partner.


Meet Akhil MK

Akhil has a digital marketing background but his specialty is in landing interviews through successful job outreaches.  Of the three jobs that he's had till date in has career, none of them came through traditional channels. 

He has over 5 years of experience working in marketing roles across startups. Nowadays he runs  ProspectingPal, a lead generation and workflow automation service provider for marketing agencies.

Harsh Kedia

Manager at Grant Thorton LLP

I am impressed with the way SMVA and Gaurav manages the recruitment process. I don't have words but when the word recruitment comes intoy minds, he is the first person to think about. It's been always pleasure working with you and Thank you for all help !! Cheers:)

Faraz Salman

CEO at Crescent Export Syndicate

I have been associated with Gaurav & his firm for 5 years now and the experience has been more than satisfactory. Gaurav has always been on top of the manpower market in Kolkata & therefore his number is on my speed dial list. He has a 360 degree view of our requirements and can deliver results within his hours. Way to go !

Arihant Kothari

Deputy Manager(10000 startups) at NASSCOM

I had an opportunity to engage with Gaurav recently and must admit the professionalism and approach he shows towards his clients. With that said, I recommend Gaurav's work to the business fraternity

Grabmejob Modules


Module 1 : Learn to lead being your better version

Learn the three magical steps of CSM: Contextualizing, Strategizing and Monetizing. We will ensure the three steps are super easy, understandable and can be applied post the session.


Module 2 : Learn how to research your dream job

This module will take you through good and bad example of job outreach. You'll learn how to Decide and Research Job Listings and also how to prepare a mini assignment to impress your potential employer.


Module 3 : Master the Art of writing a compelling resume

Do you know how to write an effective resume to catch the attention of the hiring manager or employer, and move forward and invite you to interview for the position.


Module 4 : Learn to reach your future employer leveraging technology in simplistic steps

This module will tell you how to execute a job outreach program: Finding the right decision maker to contact, getting his contact details, crafting the email and following up persistently. We will also share examples of successful job outreach case studies.   

So guys, after you consume our content you might feel the need for direct attention. We got you covered through our Do-It-For-Me workshop. Like the other digital coaches(without any offence) we did not want to keep the upsell a hidden secret which becomes public only during the last 15 minutes of the call. We believe in nurturing the trustworthy relationship wherein we genuinely assist you in the job outreach process. Below are the details for the Do It For Me workshop. 

Do-it-for-me workshop

Action oriented workshop with single tunnel focus to reach the recruiters who can land our students(job seekers) a sweet spot in the interview. We invite only serious action takers who fall under any of the below categories:

  • Under-appreciated, under-recognized.
  • Unemployed or about to be Unemployed.
  • Underemployed
  • Struggling Financially

The Grabmejob Do-it-for-me Workshop requires a fixed commitment of ₹10,000 + One Month's Salary (post you land your job).

  • Are you working for 20 years and still didn't become a CXO?
  • As a CXO, is negative stress affecting your well being truly?
  • Did your children’s university education strategy get derailed?
  • Are you internally bleeding as a CXO?

If answers to any of these questions is affirmative, then you have landed at the right place.

We can assure you the following outcomes post the workshop:

  • Strategic approach towards Grabbing the Right Job.
  • A Better understanding of today's Recruitment process
  • Skills (Job outreach/Resume writing/Interview preparation)
  • More structured and relaxed in the Job search
  • Preferential treatment to the community
  • More confident to move in their career path.

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To skip the queue and clear your doubts about the do it for me workshop, book a free consultation with our expert.

P.S. No HARD Selling Guys, IF you find value, then only Come to the Do-It-For-Me Workshop

Do-It-For-Me Workshop Bonuses

We offer bonuses worth ₹15000 to ensure you get 10X value out of this workshop

Resume Writing & Interview Confidence Masterclass

The Exact Framework used by the recruiter to hire candidate.

Land the Interview Masterclass

Impress your potential employer and get interviews faster.

Online Profile Creation Tool

Showcase your skills easily with employers.

"Get Your Dream Job Without Approaching Recruiters" eBook

Insider tips from an Industry Expert.

Premium Job Hunter Community Access

This is an exclusive bonus for those who successfully enrolls for the Do It For Me Workshop . Connect with hundreds of other job hunters to learn, interact and collaborate with.

Boost Your Job Hunting Skills. Skip Applicant Queues.

Learn at the comfort of your home with mentor support.

Who do we work with? 850+ clients in India and abroad


What is Grabthejob Workshop and why did you start this?

It is an immersive workshop that shares practical wisdom and guidance on a new approach to the job-hunting process.

The primary emphasis in our educational system is on providing jobs rather than job-hunting skills. So, the average job hunter is relatively inexperienced and poorly prepared for the coming ordeal. Plus, the institutions that do teach job-hunting skills teach the traditional, resume oriented approach. We aim to solve this problem using our extensive background.

What is the issue with traditional job search?

In a traditional job search, you are competing against thousands of other job seekers who are all taking a similar approach to job hunting. The best way to stand out is by taking a totally different approach.

Then why are you providing training for traditional tools like a resume?

While there are better ways to make a great first impression on a decision-maker these days, a resume is still needed in most cases. In this workshop we'll tell you how to get the best of both worlds, so you have a much better chance of winning your dream job.

Will I get a certificate for this course?

No. A certificate is nothing but your skill is everything and if you really want to prove to someone you’re good at job hunting, all you have to do is to take action on the information provided in this workshop.

When is the workshop conducted?

The workshop is on 11th April, Sunday.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

This will be a live workshop with live Q&A sessions.

Will I get a job immediately after this workshop?

The workshop guarantees no job. But we'll set you up for success by sharing practical strategies and tactics. But in the end, it's up to you to take the initiative and achieve your goal

Can I download the videos?

No,the streaming is on-demand and won't be published. However you can access the course bonuses at your convenience. 

When can I receive the bonus?

Access to all the bonuses will be sent along with the welcome mail after purchase of Do It For Me Workshop